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Song: Your Archetype

'Your Archetype' is among the set of songs that can be downloaded here

'Your Archetype' is one of my favorites of my songs and as good a place as any to start a record of my song-related thoughts.

Having been crushed by unrequited love for an ongoing span of time, this song is a portrait of one angry reaction in which I am basically trying to convince myself that I am superior to the object of my rejection. I paint myself as some kind of supernatural force and contrast that with the male character's total lack of magic. I can, of course, completely see through him since his mind is such a trivial specimen.

Unfortunately, I still cannot resolve the contradictory fact that I am completely his prisoner. I claim that this is because our fates are tied together in a way beyond even the control of such a goddess as myself. And then things get worse for my attempted ego-inflation, since it slips out that actually what I would most like to do with my magical powers is to cast a love spell over this short-sighted mortal. It's all rather sad, the justifications that are involved. And the anger that comes out of it would seem to like to direct itself into some creepy witchcraft for its revenge.

Now just about the only thing this loser has to say for himself, as usual, is 'Rejection, rejection rejection. And furthermore: rejection.' I try to look within to my own strength, a magic which he calls foolishness, and take comfort in the beauty and power I find there, trying to convince myself that it is real no matter how much he invalidates it.

Everything on the song was done by me, hence the general unprofessionalism. The french horn is my favorite part.

I need air to burn this fire and earth to grow the branches. And late at night I'm going to fetch some water with which to quench it. I align the rocks just a little bit- it's a simple form of sorcery. You tell me I'm over the edge with this shit, believing in all this poetry.

I can see your archetype and say, "You only see what you believe." You put out a cigarette and say, "Seeing is believing."

And all the time I see the inarticulate inarticulating their enlightenment while the paths of poet and hypocrite are parallel all their lengths. Poets dispense poetic justice; hypocrites they can never trust us, so they must just flee our tongue as if it were a knife.

"Seeing is believing" but I say, "You only see what you believe". You say, "seeing is believing" but I say...

Oh I need more of you in order to be more of me. Take my LSD, willingly agree to sorcery. But you say, "This is just my personality. Woman, you will never change me. Cause I ain't no husband and you won't be no wife."


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