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Unreleased Songs

Yesterday I received the nicest possible email from one Mr Bob King, the best fan a song-writer could hope to have. Bob took the time to go in-depth into my old songs, commenting on them on a level I would have never thought achievable and blowing up my creative vacuum on a level matched only by my ex-bandmate Rory Connell.

Having been Drupal-obsessed all year I have hardly touched music but am hoping that this is the year I will have time for both pursuits (the only music I’ve done were a few little performances playing songs by Pete Leonard). My idea now is to focus completely on song-writing and recording by myself and not do any performances or collaborations at all. I think it will be preferable to use this site as an online performance space where I can post old and new songs and commentary about them. I have Bob to thank for the inspiration to get this started.

(Because I built this site in Drupal 6 which is still in development, a lot of new features will slowly start to roll in here such as audio, video and comments, which will make this all make a lot more sense.)

To begin with, I’m going to release all my old recordings here on mp3, including those from the now-defunct band Rifle Nice. (Since I never update, I am just going to incorporate Rifle Nice news (news being limited to nostalgic thoughts) over here as well.)

So this first set of songs to download contains the most recent recordings I have, which haven’t made it onto an album. (They may never make it any form- I’m thinking once a person starts giving out all their songs for free on the internet that the idea of albums becomes less important.)

The songs are

  • A Thought
  • Freedom
  • No no no
  • Your Archetype
  • Nice Body
  • Postal Customer
  • Video Feed
  • Don’t shoot the messenger

Video Feed and Don’t shoot were recorded live at WPRB with Jon Solomon with the whole Rifle Nice crew (Rory, Steve, Alicia, and Jim). The other songs are just me at home with keyboards, french horn, trumpet, trombone, and bass.

More info on these songs and more old mp3s to download coming soon.

jody-hamilton-2006.zip34.69 MB


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